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    Welcome :3
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    Omg I can’t draw for anything lol
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    Looking for some fun cool fonts?

    Ayyy thanks these will be hella helpful
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    Howdy from Dallas

    Ayyy that’s awesome glad to see ya around
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    I can make some amazing VHS graphics

    I can make some amazing VHS graphic videos for anything really hmu if I have time I can do it for free I’ll gladly make it.
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    Looking for Graphic designers

    I’m looking for some graphic designers to work with to make some stuff for my discord hmu if your interested or want more info
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    YouTube rewind 2017?

    Anyone else watch this monstrosity
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    Is my school teaching me good stuff?

    Thanks Fam
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    Is my school teaching me good stuff?

    Is this website even good? XD
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    Does anyone know got it code discord bots?

    Thank you
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    Does anyone know got it code discord bots?

    I’ve been wanting to make a bot for my thriving server for awhile now but don’t know anything about discord bots
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    What do you guys think about the YouTube adpocalypse

    I know there’s a few content creators in here and idk if you guys are/have been effected by this major event in youtube
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    What’s the best languages to feature on your app?

    A very small and basic question but what’s a diverse but still small amount I’m thinking of around 5-7. What languages should it feature?
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    Hi everyone!

    Ayyyy that’s whatsup same man we’re the next generation of youtubers hooaaaaa lol
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    What’s the best way to start learning about API development?

    Can you guys please help I’m really interested in this field and I would really appreciate some help from you cool people.
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    Wuz popin guys

    Hey peeps I’m a small youtuber at around 350 Who does funny gaming videos. I take 6 people in discord and we mess around for a few hours, then I create a funny moments video. I have lots of diversity that ranges from my producers music, to the people I play with and I hope you guys enjoy my...